NTFS-3G moved to GitHub

While the NTFS-3G project globally aims at providing a stable NTFS driver for several operating systems such as Linux, FreeBSD, macOS, and more, the project's advanced branch has specifically aimed at developing, maturing, and releasing features to get user feedback prior to feature integration into the project's main branch.

The parallel existence of both a stable and an advanced variant maintained across several locations has caused some confusion. In particular, the Linux distributions observed different policies in selecting which version they use for their packaging. The led to users questioning the differences between features and to additional challenges in providing support.

We've decided to merge the two projects and maintain a single repository for source code and documentation on GitHub. As the projects have always remained in close contact, this induces no discontinuity in the released features while enabling smoother support. The former repository on Sourceforge will be discontinued after a grace period for the users to adapt to the project's new state.

Thank you for your confidence in NTFS-3G.